Tickle Pink Tea Party Policy

Terms & Conditions

1 At your Venue, Tickle Pink Tea Party Hire will supply, delivery & pick up. Price will be subject to location. Set up fee will be charge if required. A quotation price will be sent on application..
2 Due to the popularity of our parties we are booked 6-8 weeks ahead of time. To avoid disappointment please plan accordingly to ensure you get the party date you want. Upon applying on our enquiry form we will contact you within 48 hours.
3 A security deposit of $50.00 is required for any breakages,losses or damages of Tickle Pink Tea Party Hire Items. A fee will be charged as per replacement of item. Tickle Pink Tea Party items will need to be check for breakages, losses or damages in order for you to received back your security deposit of $50.00. The deposit of $50.00 does not come off the tea party hire package price, this is a secuirty deposit only. Your security deposit of $50.00 will be reimbursed on the day of pick up, after both parties have done the check list together.
4 To secure a date, a deposit of $100.00 is required in order to reserve this date.. If we do not receive your deposit within 2 working days of our communication, this party date will be automatically released. Balance must be paid Wednesday prior to the party, or cash payment on the day before the Tickle Pink Tea Party commences. Note: On the Monday prior to the date of the booked Tea Party, I will need finalization of the number of guests and any additional extras. Once this confirmation is received we will be unable to make any further changes,. Please keep this in mind.
5 We accept Credit Card, Master Card, personal checks, internet banking & cash. A $25.00 fee will be charged for checks returned. A 5% surcharge applies when paying by credit card or master card
6 RSVP policy - Due to the upfront cost of setting up for your party, if a guest is included in the count and does not attend, we cannot provide a refund.
7 Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate unexpected guests/siblings. We prepare our parties on the final count given to us prior to the party. They will need to be supervised. Our parties are for children 4 years old and older.
8 Once a deposit has been paid, parties may only be postponed. We will gladly work with you to find an alternate date, based on availability. If you chose to cancel for ANY reason, your deposit is non-refundable. If you need to re-send invitations, there will be an additional charge.
9 Tickle Pink Tea Party assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage.
10 Your Hostess will treat your home with utmost respect, and provide professional service.

A formal quote will be sent to you when you book a party.
All pricing and party packages subject to change without notice.

Consent and Liability Policy

Whilst all care and precaution is taken by the staff and management of "Tickle Pink Tea Party Staff" we do not accept responsibility of any accidents or liability in the unlikely event that any participant suffers an accident or a adverse reaction to the product we supply or the service we provide. We take all steps necessary to ensure that all equipment is sterilized, hygienic and ensure that all products used are of a high quality and are updated/ replaced regularly.

Please complete, sign and date the consent form below and return with your booking form, and both deposits.

I ............................................... hereby acknowledge and accept Tickle Pink Tea Party Hire Policy for there Terms & Conditions plus the Consent & Liability form as provided to me.

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